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PAF College, Sargodha

PAF CollegeBrief History

PAF College, Sargodha is located in the Punjab, about 121 miles from Lahore. The institution, which was then known as RPAF School, Sargodha, which was established in 1953, was basically meant to prepare and groom young boys to become competent and patriotic men to assume Key positions, especially in the Armed Forces of Pakistan, Business and Civil Service was inaugurated on 16th December 1953 by the Governor of the Punjab, Mian Amin ud Din.

The PAF School became a College in 1960 and an Academy, in 1973. In 1993 it was decided to revert the institution to a College, as it was in this capacity that it had played a key role in grooming students to become future leaders.

The first Principal of the School was Wing/Cmdr (RAF) E Sprawson (1953-57), who was followed by Mr. G. Stott (1958). Mr. H. Catchpole, (whose former students rose to prominent positions in the subcontinent,) was the Principal from 1958 to 1970. He was followed by Mr. A. Rehman Qureshi (1970-84) and Dr. Mehboob Alam (1984-93).

At its inception, the teaching staff of the school was predominantly British to help in setting up the institution on the lines of British public schools. When Mr. A.R. Qureshi took over as Principal, this task had been accomplished and all the staff at the school were indigenous.

Recollected leadership teaching

The five most important qualities in a leader are Knowledge, Courage, Experience, Initiative and Personal Example. They referred to the value of games and described Discipline as Organized Unselfishness. - Enthusiasm and encouragement, thoroughness, accuracy combined with good teamwork are some of the essential ingredients of successful training and good results.

- If you look after the do's, the don'ts will look after themselves.

- Work hard, play hard and stick to the rules.

- Keep yourself physically fit and mentally alert and thus ensure a worthwhile, successful and happy existence.

- Look forward with confidence to the opportunity to serve your country in all occupations and especially in the armed services.

- Show love and affection towards each other and to other peoples. Treat everyone the same irrespective of their religion.

Selection process

After a series of rigorous, competitive examinations, (both written and oral), between forty and fifty students from all Pakistan are chosen each year. The selection was based on academic results and other tests to assess leadership qualities.

The Sargodhians represent their country in the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the Civil Service, the Foreign Service and the professions They have excelled in every walk of life including business and have been recognized as such, receiving awards and decorations both in Pakistan, Bangladesh and in their adopted countries.

Annual reunion of old students & 50th Anniversary of its foundation

Every year in February, a reunion of the Alumni is held at the school, where Sargodhians from around the world come to meet each other, including their families. In 2003, which is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the school, a special celebration is being organized. It will be a five day event and the program can be obtained from Bakhtiar Beig Mirza.

Regular Alumni reunions are also organized in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawer, UK & Europe and USA & Canada, where they have their own chapters. These gatherings are held as meetings, dinners and picnics, either periodically or on special occasions like Eid and National Holidays. Most of these functions are attended by Sargodhians and their families keeping the community close together. As are result of the families participating, there have been a number of marriages between children of Sargodhians. We hope this happy trend will continue and bring our larger family even closer.

Web presence

An official Web page of Sargodhinas has been created by M Muazzam Khan 71st GD, where news of the Sargodhians are posted. The Sargodhians are indebted to Muazzam for his time in regularly updating the Web page. The address of web page is:

Sargodhians have opened "Education Assistance Center" in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan, to upgrade teachers/Bank staff in Computers.

Sargodhians helped in opening Sandal Public School in Faisalabad, Pakistan, on the same lines as the P.A.F College and even supported by giving them the ex Staff of the College, to run the institution smoothly.

To fight Illiteracy in Pakistan, the Sargodhians in cooperation with the Govt. of Pakistan have created a big project starting year 2010. This year the North American Alumni held their 3rd Reunion on 21st August, 1999, in New Jersey at the residence of Mahmud Haq 72nd GD, who as always offered his house for the gathering. Sargodhians from Bangladesh, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, UK, Canada and the USA came, some with their families, to attend the reunion. There were over 130 attendees. A report, which consists of contributions from some of those who attended, is being compiled together with photographs. This will be on the web page as soon as all the items have been received.

Report prepared by:

Bakhtiar Beig Mirza (161-A)

Current status


(as best known)


Air Cdre.(Retd.) Abdul Qadir Sargaana

Vice Principal:

Gp.Capt. Buland Iqbal Ali


College Administrative staff

Senior Admin Office:

Sqn. Ldr. Azhar Ali Bukhari


Sqn. Ldr. Mumtaz Hussain

College Adjutant:

Flt. Lt. Talha Rehman




Flt. Lt. Arif Mubeen


Sqn. Ldr. Tahir Sarfraz


Sqn. Ldr. Najam-ud-din


Sqn. Ldr. Amjad Ali Khan


Sqn. Ldr. Ahmed Salman


Flt. Lt. Muhammad Idrees


Sqn. Ldr. Hassan Saeed


Flt. Lt. Asif Niaz


College Academic Staff

Computer Science


Sqdn. Ldr. Ghulam Shabbir (Head of Dept)


Sqdn. Ldr. Shahid Hafeez


Flt. Lt. Adil Mahmood


Mr. Salman Tariq






Sqdn. Ldr.  Mir Wali (Head of Dept)

Sqd. Ldr.  A. L. Noorani (Head of Dept)

Sqdn. Ldr. Ghulam Shabbir

Sqdn. Ldr. Shamila Syed

Flt. Lt. Javaid Aziz

Flt. Lt. Azra Malik

Flt. Lt. Muhammad Iqbal

Flt. Lt. Abdur Rauf


Flt. Lt. Rehana Alam





Sqdn. Ldr. Parvaiz Akhtar (Head of Dept)

Sqdn. Ldr. Anwar Ali (Head of Dept)

Sqdn. Ldr. Najam-ud-Din

Flt. Lt. Khaslat Abbas

Sqdn. Ldr.   Tahir Sarfraz

Flt. Lt. Asif Ali




Islamic Studies

Sqdn. Ldr. Amjad Ali Khan (Head of Dept)

Sqdn. Ldr. Ahmad Salam (Head of Dept)

Sqdn. Ldr.  Saeed Hassan Syed

Flt. Lt. Muhammad Idrees

Flt. Lt. Arif Mubeen

Flt. Lt. Tasawar Alam

Flt. Lt. Sabahat Batool





Pakistan Studies

Mrs. Abida Parveen (Head of Dept)

Mr. M. A. Naeem (Head of Dept)

Mr. Shahid Hafeez

Mr. Shazad Ahmed

Mr. Adil Mahmood

Mr. Ansar Nazeer 





College Statistics

Total strength of the college


Number of houses


Average strength in each house



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